Bringing benefits into the tech revolution.


Brand and technology experts re-shaping the employee benefits experience.


We are a group of technology and brand experts who got tired of feeling confused about our benefits. Benefits are overwhelming for everyone. As an employee, how do you know what’s best for you? Why do you call a hotline (and wait 30 minutes), or engage with a slow desktop portal to see simple information? As an employer, how do you communicate with your employees, whose eyes are on 3-5 different devices at once? So...we set out to answer these questions, break down barriers, and bring the benefits industry to the modern day. Our mobile benefits communication platform provides simple and authentic transparency between employers and employees on their benefits. More importantly, our branding, our app, and our product are all intended for people like us: urban dwelling professionals who prefer to handle their benefits and finances through personable, easy-to-use apps.


Jessica R.

The Business (CEO)

Jess is an engineer, a former professional athlete, and an MBA who mobilizes diverse skill sets to accomplish goals. She has experience building and investing in early stage start ups as well as leading teams at the director level in Fortune 20 companies.

Lauren D.

The Brand (CMO)

Lauren brings brands to life by blending creativity with her deep knowledge of consumer trends. With over 8 years of marketing leadership in nationally-ranked brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Hudson’s Bay, Rent the Runway, and Chloe + Isabel, Lauren ensures that UniFi’s brand is sharp and engaging.