We are a group of young professionals who got tired of feeling confused about all this money stuff. Finance used to be just the money in the bank. These days it includes student loans, health insurance, disability, retirement, maternity leave, mortgages, and more-it's overwhelming. How do you track all of these things? How am I supposed to know whats best for ME?  We set out to figure it all out. By slicing, dicing, and translating tough financial topics, all of us get smarter with every money move we make. 


Jess Rothstein

The Business 

Jess is a lacrosse playing, hot sauce swigging, absolute hustler. She is a former professional athlete, a mechanical engineer, an MBA, and a pioneer of making un-fun things fun. She thinks big and has the drive and determination to take ideas and make them reality. Jess can be found jammin' out to Vanessa Carlton and checking her budget in the wee hours of the AM. 

Lauren Della Porta

The Brand 

Lauren is a avocado toast eatin', Soul Cyclin' sass machine who is the genius behind our brand. Lauren is our resident marketing guru who has spent her career building some serious brands. Partnerships are her forte, and she loves a good opportunity to collaborate on how to bring a customer's wants and needs to life. Lauren can be found sporting her latest Rent The Runway vest brunchin' and lunchin' on the Lower East Side.