Friday | September 28 | 2018


UniFi does love a good sale...


*Market indexes are the value of certain stocks which represent the overall stock market. Learn more here.*

S&P 500  (Standard’s & Poor 500): Made up of the 500 most widely-traded stocks in the U.S. +8.03 (0.28%).

U.S. stocks rose on Thursday thanks to an increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve - after a few days in a downward spiral. Things are lookin' up!


It’s fall and that means cuffin’ time, and SiriusXM is jumping on the bandwagon. Who’s their cuddle buddy? Music streaming service Pandora, who (they announced Monday) they’re purchasing for a tidy $3.5 bil. If you thought that was racey, check out the terms. Pandora can play the field and seek other buyers up until the deal closes officially next year. The deal, if it goes through, will make the pair the largest audio entertainment company in the world with over $7 billion in revenue this year. Spotify, Apple, and Amazon - watch out, or get cuddly.

U.S. media frenemy China is in the news again, but this time it’s not for trade. Word on the street is that China has been pressuring U.S. companies to hand over technology secrets. Companies kept quiet for years because they didn’t want to mess up trade with China, but since that ship has we’re talkin’. Foreign companies must have a Chinese partner to do business in China, and often those partners are insistent about tech. The U.S. government says U.S. companies are out about $50 billion each year in tech secrets. China’s response? "China’s offer to the world has been straightforward. Foreign companies are allowed to access China’s markets but they would need to contribute something in return: their technology.” Gotta love a straight talker.

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Ever opened up your rideshare app only to see an absurd surge price? Well - did you know there are surcharge-free zones in every city? Yep. Walk a few blocks to the east and it is likely your surcharge price will go right back to normal. To check how to get to a surge-free zone, you’ll need this Surge Protector App. It can also keep you posted when the surcharge falls, check all fares, and let you pick your own personal driver. Enjoy - and stay safe.



Behavioral economics: A look into how psychology impacts the decisions people make with their money.

Humans are logical creatures…right? Eh, it’s debatable, especially when it comes to money. Talk to a millennial on Amazon Prime Day and you will see the wild side come out. To safeguard your wallets from each and every “sale” on the market, this week we look at types of sales you may see floating about, and help you figure out, is that really a good deal? Or not?

  1. Buy 2 Get 1 free. Otherwise known as BOGO. Unfortunately, unless you live in Alaska, a two for one deal on scarves usually doesn’t save you any money. Why? Because unless you needed two of the same scarf already (regardless of price) buying an item on this sale could lead to unnecessary spending. Make sure you set a list for yourself and only buy what you need.

  2. Limited time sales. Aka the “24 hours only sale!” Here’s where the psychology piece comes in. Sales are designed to trigger your FOMO. MUST. BUY. NOW. In reality, most discounts are cyclical - and in our digital age 10%, 20%...or even 50% discounts will likely come around again. If you don’t need the item that day, and you aren’t totally in love with it (especially if you don’t have the money), bide your time. See our Your Turn for more on that.

  3. 50% off everything. If you’re looking at a $20 t-shirt, is $5 off or 25% off a better deal? They both come out to $15 off, so they’re the same...right? Not to your brain. Our brains like the 25% off better because it looks like a bigger discount. That is, until something costs more than $100. After you start talking in hundreds, your brain loves to hear hard money numbers - “$50 off a purchase of $300!” Here’s the takeaway on this one - if you’re feeling sucked into a sale, try switching the discount. Is that 10% discount good - or is it only $7? Is $200 a steep discount, or is it just 10%? It might take the shine out of a sale real quick.

  4. Get an additional 25% off sale price! Your brain loves double discounts. In fact, the brain will feel better about a 20% discount, with an additional 25% off, than it will about a 40% stand-alone discount - even if they come out to the same amount in cash. So remember, when you see a double discount, pause! Do some math, and ask yourself if you really want it, or if you just feel like you’re getting a deal.

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Are you all jazzed up to save? Check out this yearly savings calendar. It gives you insight into the best time of year to get great deals on basically anything, based on industry cycles and schedules. Happy shopping! And if nothing floats your boat, give your savings and retirement some love. You know - for the you of the future.

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