The Unifi newsletter is an email that you can receive once a week that fills you in on the most relevant financial topics, all in time to start your day. We break down what’s happening in the realm of money news, and give it a witty spin.. Plus, you get info about a specific financial topic, complete with tips and tricks you can implement right away. 

What is the newsletter?


Head to our homepage (link out) and put in your email address. Then you’re all set! The next week, you will receive Unifi in your inbox. Remember to check all promotions and spam folders and move our email out of there!

How do I sign-up for the newsletter


Uhoh! It’s time to check your spam folders and promotions tabs, it may get hidden somewhere in there. What you can do is add us to your contacts and safe sender lists to avoid missing any more newsletters.

Im not getting the news letter :(


Lucky!! (jk) Hmm, this is odd. It’s time to head to the "to" field of both emails. You may have signed up another email address by accident through another channel such as a sweepstakes. You can always click unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter on the email address that you no longer wish to receive the newsletter on!

I'm getting two copies of the newsletter


We cover a range of topics in different sections of the newsletter including recent IPOs, stock updates, celebrity financial news updates, and personal finance tips. Our large personal financial topics don’t always relate to money, and also include health insurance, life insurance, disability, maternity leave, etc.

What topics do you cover?


Once a week at 8am. 

How often do I get the newsletter?


You should see us once a week in your inbox. You can search “Unifi” in your email inbox and we should appear. If you still don’t see us, head to our homepage and sign up your email address again - maybe it didn’t go through the first time!

How can I access the newsletter?


Right now, we do not have the ability for you to search for old newsletters through our website. However, once you sign up and start receiving newsletters, you will always be able to search us through your archived inbox, and find each one there - starting at the day you signed up.

Can I search for old newsletters?


Oh yeah! We primarily workshop for employers, but are always available to workshop at schools, group meetings, birthday parties - you name it! We would love to hear what local communities are interested in receiving a workshop - contact us, and we’ll go from there!

Do you have workshops about these topics?


Everyone and anyone who needs it! Students, young professionals, parents, you name it. We may cater to a certain audience in our editorial language, but we are here for everyone who needs assistance in breaking down their personal finances.

Who do you help?


Absolutely, go through the same process of signing up and reach out with any questions - just mention that it’s for your child so we can tailor our answers the best we can!

I'm a parent seeking financial advice for my child can you help?


Please contact us here. We've special workshops for students and can absolutely reach out with more information on how to tailor this program to yours!

I’m a teacher, how can I get my students access to this?


Share. Share. Share. Contact us at

How can I get involved?



Texting Service

There is no separate sign-up, once you put in your email, we will send you a phone number. We suggest you save it in your contacts. Then when you have a question, just shoot us a text just like you would any other friend.  

How do I sign up and what do I need to provide?


We are! You will be connect to a real live human UniFi staff member- we have access to a data base of all sorts of articles and resources, our staff will curate the articles, the tools, and the sources then send you a personalized repsonse. Feel free to be informal- we are real humans too (lol)

Who is texting me back?


Yes, don't worry we do not sell your information or give it to any other company or advertiser. 

Is my info safe with you?


Social Mission

Check out social mission page for more information. In a nutshell we are a 1 for 1 platform- for every person that signs up we provide access to one high school student in need. 

What is UniFi's social mission?


First and foremost SHARE SHARE SHARE. The more you spread the world the more students we can help. If you are a financial services provider or someone who has a connect to an organization please contact us. We are always looking for new community partners. 

How do I get involved?



The blog is here for us as founders to tell our story, and  to give a sneak peak to our  friends, customers, partners,  and activists on our long journey to help people understand their own personal finances. Building this company is a team sport, and we want to bring our community along with us. The blog may also  have some articles that are heavily credited to news and financial sources, and others  that come from the heart. You can pick and choose what you read, and how you interact on this journey with us.

How is the blog different from the newsletter?


We do our best to have the most up-to-date content on the blog, so we are on this site every single day! The blog could be updated weekly or bi-weekly.

How often do we post on the blog?


For now, our primary contributors are employees. If you would like to partner with us, or have a great angle on a blog article that you think can make a difference to our audience, please email us at and we will get back to you in a jiffy!

Can I contribute to the blog?