What Makes Up Your Credit Score?

FICO Score: a person's credit score calculated with software from Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO).

What makes up your credit, or FICO score, you might ask?

Good question. For background — every time you buy something on your credit card or take out a loan - three agencies (Experian, Transunion, and FICO) look at how long it takes you to pay that bill, how big the bill is, and how many bills you have. They assign you a three digit number and that number that is basically your money “GPA” (ah the good ole college years).

The score is made up of 35% Payment History, 30% Amounts Owed, 15% Length of Credit History, 10% New Credit, and 10% Credit Mix.

35% Payment History: this one has the most weight and it means pay on time. So don’t let your balance roll over

30%  Amounts owed: This means pay in full! Any balances you carry on your cards count against you

15% Length of credit history: Start early, the earlier you start to build credit, the better this section is

10% New credit: Every time you get a new apartment or car, this section boosts

10% Credit mix: This means student loans vs. credit cards payments vs. car loans.. diversity is good but we want to mention that it’s not recommended to simply get new stuff to build this part of your credit!


We know this is a confusing and complicated topic that may affect your ability to live life on your terms. To learn more, watch this myFico video, or read what Credit Karma has to say.

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